Must. Find. Patience. Now.

Patience. Perspective. Peace.

One of my most favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou.

“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights,” she said.

This makes me smile – these situations hold so much potential – and it reminds me to keep things in perspective when I consider giving in to frustration. It also reminds me that I have a very impressionable audience that never misses a “fresh” word or a “mean face.”

I’m sharing it with you because this week, I’m trying to kick some negative energy. I’m having some trouble with the juggling act: doing my best to be a good mother and wife, while devoting enough time and effort to work, maintaining a reasonable fitness routine and keeping up with our loved ones – and calendar(s.) Let’s add trying to keep the house organized and clean, and going through the mail once in a while 😉

Multitasking used to be a talent. Now it’s what I blame when I miss my turn (twice) and drive around in circles, and then forget what I needed when I finally reach my destination. I feel so inefficient. Am I the only one who drops the cash and/or the debit card on the ground at nearly every visit to the drive-thru ATM?

Sometimes I catch myself yelling at my kids, “Can you please just wait a minute? Where is your patience?!” That’s when I realize that I’ve most definitely lost track of mine. Preschoolers can be a tough audience, but how am I supposed to teach them understanding when, sometimes, I can barely contain myself in my 30s?

I thought I’d have mastered patience long before now. I suppose in many ways, I have. I’ve endured – and even embraced – more than I ever imagined I could: surround-sound crying, interrupted sleep, the seemingly endless stage where kids ask “Mommy, why?” after absolutely everything. I didn’t go (completely) insane potty-training twins, and for the most part, I enjoy my daughters’ – um, creative process. (See

But I whine about waiting for a dinner reservation and I curse at inanimate objects.

I’d really like to be the kind of person who makes the best of a rainy day without pouting the way my daughters do when, heaven forbid, they endure a trip to Target without getting a new toy. I’d be proud to be more like my husband, whose luggage was lost once (and found) on a trip to the Caribbean. He shrugged and said it was a good excuse to go shopping. But – in all honesty, between my inner control freak and the fact that we now travel with two children, I’d probably NEVER do well with this.

As for the Christmas tree lights, we’ll see. Last year was the first year in a while that my poor husband didn’t fling them out the front door, still wrapped around most of the tree.

I guess we all have our moments 😉


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